3:16 - Genesis Jogger Pant - GOLD

God spares no details. 

He is very intentional with what He does, including how He made you. 

God gave you color. 

Personality. Your hair — which God numbers. 

Your strengths. Your gifts. 

Your vulnerabilities. 

Then God called you good because He was happy with how He made you. God wants you to remember this when you feel you aren't enough.

Let the Signature Genesis Jogger serve as a notice and reminder. A notice against everything that seeks to destroy your self-esteem. And a reminder that God made you and He says you are enough. 


  • Soft Gold cotton and spandex blend jogger
  • Tapered fit pant legs with zip split hems
  • FRONT: For God so loved the world branded on the left pocket and 2D embroidered 3:16 brand logo on the right
  • BACK: One zippered pocket
  • 95% Cotton - 5% Spandex Material 
Jeffrey P.
I highly recommend them! Pants fit very well. I ordered one size up from my normal size (medium) as they are a slim snug fit! Most I’ve ever spend on sweatpants and it’s very much worth it! I wish they come out with more colors besides black and gold.
Stacey H.
Regina J.
These are made with very high quality! You won't be disappointed with your purchase. Love them!
Justin B.
I was very surprised of the quality of these joggers. Very lightweight but still thick enough for warmth, and very comfortable with a great fit!
Delwin D.
The jogger fit great!!
Abrhaley A.
I am not really for the notion that says, “Dress to impress.” I would rather have it being said, “Dress to represent.” You are an ambassador of heaven in every right. When people see you, they ought to see the glory of God expressing itself through you. You represent what heaven can offer in this earthly realm. Do not dress and move anyhow. You are of the God class, the superior race of supermen in Christ!
Vanessa S.
Excellent Material...
Florence N.
Graduation gift for a young man.
Veronique H.
Damon S.
The 3:16 joggers are my favorite joggers of any other brand. The fit is perfect, quality material, i have in 3 colors! Awesome product.