• 3:16 Collection Apparel - Women's Apparel - Tops - Athleisure 3:16 Cutout Crop Top, Mustard
  • 3:16 Collection Apparel - Women's Apparel - Tops - Athleisure 3:16 Cutout Crop Top, Mustard
  • 3:16 Collection Apparel - Women's Apparel - Tops - Athleisure 3:16 Cutout Crop Top, Mustard

3:16 Cutout Crop Top, Mustard

Since God is in the details, we figured we'd boast about Him in the detail of this shirt too! 

''For God so loved the world..'' -John 3:16 

Cutout crop top - Your new favorite & just what you've been looking for. 

LaRounda T.
I was a gift for my daughter. She loves it.
Erica F.
I love this shirt! The fact that the designer split the sleeves with a bible verse is epic. Be careful when washing. The sleeves may get tangled. I just love this clothing line. It's like being a walking testimony. The color pops! Makes people want to know more about the verse you're displaying. This is now one of my favorite shirts!
Misty D.
True to size I’m excited for my next order.
Makayla K.
I love it!!! It fits me perfectly.
Crystal R.
Can I just say I am all about everything in the 3:16 collection. Thanks for letting me be able to express myself through this amazing and inspirational line
Brianna H.
I love this shirt I got so many compliments
Marcelia R.
Really nice quality in these shirts! I love them! Also has gotta plenty of compliments and asked where did I got my shirt from. .
Chelsey D.
great quality & looks just like pictures online! I love the sleeve design.
Willishea W.
This is a very well made shirt. Its is listed as a cropped shirt top. But I'm 5'9 and 230 pounds see how it fits, very nice. I purchased a size large.
Jazmine R.
I went on 316 collection, on Facebook, it was cute clothes and I love clothes with Bible verses on it. I brought the mustard cut croptop a 2x it’s fits nice and shipping and receiving my package didn’t take long at all. My only con that I had with 316 collection is receiving the wrong color. I received the wrong color, which had the color on the shipping paper and they placed a check on it. Also, I sent the wrong color back and receive the right color a day later. But I receive another shirt with the same color , which I didn’t know why. When I already receive the shirt already.
JoaN C.
True too size! Not too short or too tight as a crop top!
Joanna F.
I love every shirt I bought the material is very nice . I gotten many compliments about my shirts ..
April G.
I didn't wear shirt yet but waiting for perfect time. I loved how the shirt came in the plastic bag and is soft. I plan on using the bag for something else. Thank you.
Greta G.
Love it.
Neidtikka M.
Always a pleasure supporting the 3:16 Collection!!! You can literally feel the love in the stitch❤️ Top notch quality and customer service always models the heart of our Father!!! Represent!!
Erica G.
Everyone loved my outfit
lashawn g.
Absolutely love it
Cheresse M.
Love it!
Tasha M.
Nice material and very well put together. I didn’t expect it to be perfect for me, but it is!
Kelsie L.
It was more of an over sized shirt than a crop but still super cute. Text time I’ll get xs