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    Providing apparel that encourages and inspire others through the outward expression of faith upon the total reliance of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  


    It isn’t everyday that a brand seeks to uplift and promote the word of God. Matter of fact, society will tell you to do otherwise. Be selfish. Be a workaholic. Get as many ‘wins’ as you can. Yolo.

    At 3:16, we want you to win, but to also experience and know the Victor! Be selfless, stay encouraged, and know that greater is He in you, than he out in the world.


    3:16 collection is a Christian retailer specializing in sharing the cumulative message of salvation, not simply as an idea but as a lifestyle. We carry carefully curated apparel and other products that open hearts and uplift the human experience. Understanding that you wear a chance to reach someone by being your true, authentic self. A chance to effect change for the better-a chance to testify.


    We acknowledge that every brand has a story to tell, but at 3:16, we are romanticized with the idea to “Wear Your Story.” Affectionately named “T-shirt evangelism” by our founder, Jaylen LaGrande, it is a quote held tightly.  John 3:16 tells the loving story of our Father who gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes will not perish, but have eternal life. God sent his Son not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.

    As a body of believers, we vehemently hold that scripture close to our heart, and there is nowhere closer than in, than on. Wear Your Story!


    As far as humble beginnings go, we’ve held the title in spades. In 2009, our founder received the call to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ by witnessing to sinners and saints alike while actively witnessing this faith through christian apparel. With just the call and a set of car keys, Jaylen began designing t-shirts and distributing them from the trunk of his mother's 1997 Nissan Maxima.

    As time and brand awareness went on, the first space we were blessed to open in was a 12X12ft temporary kiosk located in the a walkway in the mall. At the time, November 2011, and operating as ‘Religious Expressions’, the tiny kiosk with big heart, was planted inside of South Plains Mall in Lubbock, Texas. This act of pure faith occurred while the founder only possessed 38 cents in his bank account.

    In three short months, Religious Expressions went from being a temporary pop-up shop, into a permanent storefront within the mall. Expanding into 10 times that of the kiosk, having now 1400 square footage to testify in! Additionally, the original contract for the space was only for 2 months, however remained positioned for 4 years! A remarkable testament to incredible faith! filled with many great successes, challenges, but most importantly thousands of people giving their lives to Christ throughout the Lubbock and Amarillo malls where Religious Expressions operated two stores in that region.

    In January of 2016, Religious Expressions became 3:16 and with the new name came a new direction, a new mandate but the same mission. Currently, we are refining the brand, and growing rapidly throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


    Jaylen LaGrande was born in Torrance, California and raised in Detroit Michigan, where, at a young age developed a passion for Christ, and business. So much so, that at the age of 8, put on his first production in his mother’s basement. Hanging string lights from the ceiling, Jaylen showed ingenuity, lighting his model car collection for his first home-made “Auto Show.” Admission was a quarter.

    At age 11, entrepreneur ambitions led him to create ‘Jay’s Card Designs’, which specialized in hand designed flyers, business and greeting cards.

    Continuing throughout his teen years,  Jaylen started a magazine, published best-selling books; Deliverance through Expression and Identity Crisis: The final Verdict and went on to open Religious Expressions (Now 3:16) in 2011. At age of 19 he accepted his calling in ministry when God called him to the Marketplace to share the gospel.

    Humbly, he does not consider himself a CEO, instead he considers himself the CSV: Chief Steward/Visionary,  acknowledging that God owns everything and he is just the vessel chosen to carry out the vision.