• 3:16 Dreamer Sunglasses
  • 3:16 Dreamer Sunglasses
  • 3:16 Dreamer Sunglasses

3:16 Dreamer Sunglasses


Your future's so bright you need sunglasses.

 So why not wear the Dreamer Sunglasses? They transmit different colors through the lenses. We did this to highlight the power of your vision. 

 Your vision transmits life into all you see. It fuels your faith. Your vision allows you to see things differently and change narratives. Your incredibly unique vision propels futures into alignment with God — and above all, shows you how to dream. 

 Did you forget how powerful your vision is? It's okay, come on back and let the Dreamer Sunglasses remind you.


  • High-quality lenses that transmit multiple colors
  • DREAMER print across top bar
  • Black frames with 3:16 Brand Logo on arm 
  • Nose pads for comfort
  • Reusable DREAMERS keepsake box
Celeste S.
My shipping address can become tricky when using a new website. Google website doesn't help the situation when they want to update the address without knowledge of the area. I do greatly appreciate 3:16 for reaching out to clarify the address. I do sincerely apologize for my tone of voice when responding to the voicemail. COVID-19 has made my schedule and job extremely difficult and it leaves me with little to no patience. I know that with God all things are possible and he hasn't filled my plate too much that I can't handle.. so once again I sincerely apologize for my tone of voice that went along with my response! THANK YOU for all you do!
Demetrious G.
Goes perfect with my jacket, makes me feel good.