• 316collection 38 Cents - Paperback Book
  • 316collection 38 Cents - Paperback Book

38 Cents - Paperback Book


The Bible teaches us that all one truly needs to manifest the amazing is faith the size of a mustard seed. Jaylen LaGrande, author, speaker and marketplace minister, was staring at repossession, eviction and inventory loss. Ensuring that his employees were paid (even though he oftentimes had nothing to eat), he felt like faith had kicked him in the gut. Yet, in a series of divine blessings and interventions, he soon remembered that God had ordained him to create much from nothing, time and time again. It was faith - in the amount of .38 cents - that gave LaGrande the greatest lessons in trusting God amidst many obstacles and storms. It was that .38 cents, which is merely change someone may jingle in his or her hand for fun, that became the inspiration to trust God for greater and expanded territories. It's what moved him to new levels of success. Thirty-eight cents, coupled with relentless faith, was the seed that catapulted LaGrande into a global fashion brand and marketplace sanctuary-where transformation and impacting lives is just the beginning.
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