• 3:16 Collection Socks 1 pair Dreamer Sock - Orange/Maroon
  • 3:16 Collection Socks Dreamer Sock - Orange/Maroon

Dreamer Sock - Orange/Maroon



In true 3:16 form, everything about the Dreamer Sock is intentional. Keeping to our unwavering commitment to faith and fashion that helps you spread the gospel.

The two-tone design of these socks weaves the word DREAMER together, which represents this revelation: 

Dreamers have the power to weave a dream together piece-by-piece until it's whole. But only when they honor the process. 

Joseph honored every part of his process until his dream finally manifested. Like Joseph, you can do the same. Always honor the process — because this is how the dream gets woven together and made whole.


  • Two-tone crew socks
  • Dreamer woven design on ribbed cuff
  • Sweat-wicking fabric to keep you cool
  • Ergonomic padding for support
  • One-size fits most
  • Returns and exchanges are NOT available on this item
Ylonda H.
Love the socks
Marcel W.
My son loves the socks.
Netra F.
Great products!
La Shawn S.
I love these socks and plan on purchasing more!!! Keep up the Amazing work.
Kimball B.
These socks are poppin.... so comfy so cool.