• 3:16 Collection Apparel - Men'sUnisex Apparel - T-Shirts - Cut and Sew (3:16 Premium) Isaiah 6:8 Reflective Tee, Tan
  • 3:16 Collection Apparel - Men'sUnisex Apparel - T-Shirts - Cut and Sew (3:16 Premium) Isaiah 6:8 Reflective Tee, Tan
  • 3:16 Collection Apparel - Men'sUnisex Apparel - T-Shirts - Cut and Sew (3:16 Premium) Isaiah 6:8 Reflective Tee, Tan

Isaiah 6:8 Reflective Tee, Tan



You are bold.
You are called.
You are chosen.

The difference between one that is called, and one that is chosen is simple. The chosen person is the one who risks it all to give God a yes.

A yes that says God I will carry your word. I will declare the name of Jesus. I will evangelize the Gospel and work to see heaven on earth. It is a yes that requires much, but yields so much more.

The Isaiah 6:8 Reflective Tee symbolize that yes. Use it to shame the darkness and show the world how much God's grace abounds.



  • Soft cotton/spandex shirt in black with soft to touch water based white print.
  • Isaiah 6:8 branded on the collar and sleeves.
  • FRONT: Scripture printed in the bottom right corner.
  • 3M Reflective print reads HERE I AM! SEND ME.
  • 95% cotton 5% spandex
  • Athletic fit (please consider ordering up a size or two for loose fit)
Darlene D.
My priceless piece
Najee J.
I love the look and feel of the shirt. So happy!! My Granny wants one for herself!
Michelle F.
The shirt is really soft and I love the details
Theodore A.
Awesome comfortable attire.
Juan F.
Very good product, love it
Keyana M.
I love this shirt! It’s so comfy and stylish but more importantly I love the message. Follow me @keylovesgod to see the rest of the pictures
Alexandra N.
Runs a leather but still love it
Shayla Rodriguez R.
I love this shirt, I was in love with it right at the moment I saw it because I got my ministry as missionary in my church and that shirt was perfect for me to wear
E. C.
I am getting compliments all the time. I decided to order another one for my niece. I’m humbled, what a master piece.
E. C.
I purchased this beautiful T-shirt with an expectation. I am loving it!
eunice j.
I love wearing the word!!
Stephen L.
I wish I took a pic of this excellent shirt when I wore it. The color and inscriptions are excellent. The fit is excellent and perfect for the summer. What really made me give a high rating was the material used for the shirt. Its a comfortable shirt with style amd material that feels great to wear. Lastly is the Christian message which it bears. Buy this shirt and Praise the Lord with this shirt.
Ryan S.
I ordered a large but I guess the large was too small but I still got really good compliments from it
imani G.
It was just a little bigger than I expected but I love the quality. & my friends loved it and are flocking to the website !
Katrellis P.
I bought this shirt for two of my best friends as a surprise gift and they both love it and God has revealed to me that this scripture truly has been an anchor in my heart for his calling on my life and he has called me so many times and I decided to say “ Here I am” on April 12th., so it truly touches my soul to read it , and I appreciate God for giving the CEO, Jaylen, this vision and letting it manifesting into This Evangelism of T-shirt faith and obedience , God Bless!!
kim m.
Wear with tulle skirt! So perfect!
Tamiko W.
The quality is amazing and the packaging is so well done! Shipping was very fast and I look forward to grabbing more from this company!!
Corey B.
Really like the reflective letters on the back!
Gretchen G.
I bought this shirt for my 19yr old Son who is a college football player.He wears his faith proudly and he said “this shirt is sick”Apparently that’s a great it and the message behind it.
Dannie P.
I love the T-shirt, it's made with good quality material. I rocked a colorful silk jacket tied around my waist to give a more feminine look. I will defiantly be purchasing more clothing from 3:16! P.s. The packaging is really cool too, minimal- love it.