• 3:16 Collection Apparel Jesus in Justice Premium Tee
  • 3:16 Collection Apparel Jesus in Justice Premium Tee

Jesus in Justice Premium Tee

God wants to use you to help justice flow like water cleansing hearts and communities violated by injustice, discrimination, and hate — on any level. So, whether you advocate for children, education, equality, or stand against poverty — the Jesus and Justice Tee is for you. It's a simple but clear message that says, you stand for Jesus, and like Jesus, you stand for justice.

Use it to serve your cause. Wear it and remember, when you put Jesus at the center of anything — you will see change, be change, and make a difference.

LaVetta J.
L❤️VE 3:16 products
Mel B.
Love your products
Bridget P.
Great shirt!
Porchia H.
Staff was friendly helpful via phone and in person while maintaining the social distancing during an in person pickup. Purchased 4 Jesus Justice tees. My husband received so many compliments on his tee. Wish the tee came in white with black lettering. I love this store, their strong faith. I purchase from here for gifts for my family here in TX as well as in Las Vegas.
Aylwin P.
I’m a pastor in San Antonio. I Love all your products.