• 3:16 Collection Apparel - Men's Apparel - T-Shirts - Cut and Sew (3:16 Premium) Philippians 4:13 Premium Tee, Black
  • 3:16 Collection Apparel - Men's Apparel - T-Shirts - Cut and Sew (3:16 Premium) Philippians 4:13 Premium Tee, Black

Philippians 4:13 Premium Tee, Black



''I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.''

Philippians 4:13

Lydia W.
I Love this gear, nothing like sporting the word for strength and conviction. i would Love some overalls to wear. Keep up the good work Jaylen! I too have an 18 yr. old artist with the same name as you, cool!
Katrina P.
Bought it for my daughter. She wore it well. Thought I had a pic but bornthis phone. Will send one on her next wear.
Nancy F.
Great quality!
Janay R.
Omg! It’s so hard for me to buy tshirts that actually cover my stomach and give me some character! But this one is one of the favs! I love it so much I’ve worn it three times in one week (in between washes of course!) This shirt also motivates me during challenging times throughout my day.
Rolando P.
Really like the T-shirts love the verse
Divine W.
I recieved many compliments about my t-shirt and I love how it would lead to a conversation about Philippians 4:13, after they read the shirt. I love this shirt!
Sharri'e O.
I've bought this shirt in every color so my son has them for school. I want him to always know Who has his back and where his strength comes from.
Savanah P.
I love be able to wear clothing with encouragement from the living Word! thank you 3:16 collection all shirts fit well good material and cute.
Gregory W.
Loved the material, very high quality and it fits perfectly!
April G.
Got many compliments and it's different; Thank you!
Smith, B.
Quality and fast shipping
I have had many obstacles & Tsunami's of life & this SCRIPTURE on this shirt just brings more clarity in my life, that I can continue in & through it all because "I can do all things through Christ who STRENGTHENS me! I love the style of it, as well, being I'ma total fashion buff! +Mrs. Brown
Drizmarie F.
The feel of this shirt is amazing. I absolutely love the quality material.
April G.
My sister loved gift because this is her favorite Bible verse. I ended up ordering me a shirt. I'm excited to wear when it comes. Thank you.
Carla J.
Even better in person. Very well made, and detailed. Just beautiful.
Alexis S.
Kyesha D.
Purchased this shirt for a close friend she hasn't received it as of yet but I love it myself
Deborah P.
Gave it to my pastor as a gift and he loved it