• Psalm 23 Rose Gold Bomber Jacket , White
  • Psalm 23 Rose Gold Bomber Jacket , White

Psalm 23 Rose Gold Bomber Jacket , White


The Lord is your Shepherd. He watches over your steps, paves the way forward, and protects you from behind. He has called you and chosen you for such a time as this. ... He wants to provide for you - and provide the way for you to grow, prosper, and prosper others through you. 

God is calling you to carry His presence with love and power - encourage yourself, declare your faith and share His power with this High End Black Label Collection - A Psalm 23 Premium All Over Print Bomber Jacket. 


  • A fully custom-created 100% polyester jacket: Uniquely made, soft, and beautiful from every angle. 
  • Rose gold color palette: A symbol and declaration that He makes roses bloom in the desert (Isaiah 35:1) and grow beautifully even in the valleys (Song of Sol 2:1). 
  • Pink lining: We lined the jacket with something that would express God's beauty and excellence. 
  • Custom 3:16 zipper, 3:16 hem tag, and black label: Remember that He loves you, loves the world, and wants you to share that. 

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Andrea b.
Love this jacket. High quality High testimonial.
Thurmesia P.
Love it!!!
Kelsie L.
I wore this jacket for the first time singing at an event. I got sooo many compliments on it. Pictures don’t really do it justice. The white stands out more than you would think. I bought the matching purple one for my mom and pink and black for my best friend. They all loved it.
Jake S.
This jacket is amazing. I have the black and grey on like this but this one is just over the. I have been saved and born again Christian for a little more then 3 years now and when I put on this jacket it's an ice breaker for other people that tell me wow that's a nice jacket and I tell them where I got it then share a bit of gods love and my testimony.
Javier C.
The jacket was a gift for my wife! It was a huge hit!!!
Brittani M.
Love this jacket. I should have gotten a smaller size but that’s my fault. Excellent quality and I’m proud to wear it.