• 316collection Face Mask 1 Mask with Filter Salvation Split Mask (Black & White)
  • 316collection Face Mask 1 Mask with Filter Salvation Split Mask (Black & White)
  • 316collection Face Mask 1 Mask with Filter Salvation Split Mask (Black & White)

Salvation Split Mask (Black & White)



- Made of two layers.

- Nose wrap for protection against airborne droplets.

- Adjustable ear loops for a comfort fit.

- 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex 

-Each mask includes filter slot and one (1) removable 5 layer filter. Filter (anti-bacteria, anti-fog, anti-dust, anti-second hand smoke)

WARNING: For sanitization purposes masks are non-returnable. l This Face Covering is not intended to protect the consumer against viral infection. Used in conjunction with relevant public health advice, social distancing and hand hygiene, a Face covering may help prevent the spread of viral infection to others. This Barrier Mask is for adult use only, not suitable for children. Materials used in this product do not cause skin irritation.

Stanley S.
Judy G.
Love it!!
Tonya R.
Love my mask and shirt
Purchased as a gift
Veronique H.
I love that it matches my shirt
Pastor C. R. S.
I just love 3:16 collection. Keep up it the work and the witnessing for our Lord in Savor Jesus the Christ.
Pastor C. R. S.
Just love the material very good quality and the message of Jesus Christ love it. I have purchase many items and plan on purchasing more, everything I have purchase was beyond my expectations. And the customer service is excellent. Thanks and keep it up!
Jeffrey B.
Awesome product!
William M.
Manny R.
This mask got so many compliments & it is a good quality definitely recommend
Chris H.
Hi. I ordered the Salvation Mask as I absolutely Love to Represent my Savior, my Lord, and my King wherever I go.
Love the mask! Great conversation starter & expression of my beliefs of Jesus! ❤️
Jessica P.
This mask is amazing!! And I hate wearing masks! The fabric is soft and breathable, the quality is outstanding. And its message makes people ask me what it means which has opened doors to witness. I also bought the Psalm 23 Rose Gold bomber and feel the same. The 316 Collection is a quality brand, from the actual product to the packaging it comes in. I will definitely be making more purchases from this company!
Tanya W.
Great and items came quick.
Soloman B.
Awesome Witnessing tool
Demetra W.
I love this mask! I thought it wasn’t fitting properly but a little adjustment and all was well!
Anthony S.
Good quality. filter pocket. Profess the faith.
Mia P.
Kwame E.
I ordered salvation mask for my church parking lot Ministery,and got so many complements. I ended up ordering three more times blessings my church family
Mozella J.
This is a really cool mask! The statement is bold and speaks for itself! Yes, I would recommend it!
Valerie C.
Love the mask. Excellent customer service!
Letitia W.
Wonderful product
Brian D.
The Salvation mask is by far my favorite mask this Corona season it has got a fan club of its own. Everytime I wear it I get stopped and complimented on it. It lets people know they can inquire about what Salvation means and therefore gives a chance to spread the good news in the midst of the state of the world we need more clothing articles like this.Also the mask would do well in all the colors .
Demian K.
A wonderful statement and a unique design.
Kwame E.
Getting a lot Compliments about my mask and inquiring where they can get some. I bought a bunch for my parking lot ministry, and now I have to order more with some of my members.
Johnny P.
Great fit with outfit.
Stacey H.
Kevin D.
Hallelujah, SALVATION and Glory
Michael S.
I love the way it feels on my face. I get many compliments from what the simple message says on the front! A few people have asked about the message and I tell them. Then I tell them where they can get one too! Keep up the good work!
Veronique H.
It's a great addition to the sweatshirt
Eric G.
Fits well. Love the color and logo.
gary h.
Alison K.
Love this Salvation mask. Very comfortable and easy to adjust. If I have to wear a mask, I want it to mean something.
virna c.
I absolutely love these products I get so many compliments from them and it never hurts to wear something that helps spread the word
Christopher N.
Awesome durability. High-quality! Homes upgrade to regular use. Must gets a lot of attention and compliments.
Cedric E.
Represent Christ proudly!
Vanessa H.
Love this mask from the quality to the statement! It’s bold for my Father!
Kimberly L.
I have ordered so many things & I have received so many compliments on this beautiful mask.
Interpack -.
loved it!!
Veronica R.
I love everything about your clothing line from your bio to the quality of the clothes I’ve share with my family and they will be purchasing soon
Danielle D.
Dope statement mask ! Durable easy to clean ! Easily one of my favorites
Marc Anthony B.
I love it.
Jonathan M.
Great mask everywhere I go people love it!!!
Tyrone D.
Great material and great fit!
Anthony B.
I got this because I love the message on the mask of Salvation man this mask is thick and still breathable love the adjustable straps and comfortable feel of this mask great job 3:16 collection.
Michelle K.
I bought this one for my husband; however, he has yet to wear it out. He's not showy like I am. It is more "showy" than the one I bought for myself but I love it and if he isn't going to use it, I might just use it myself.
Taynette F.
Love love love it!