• Jaylen LaGrande Enterprises Book Here Comes The Dreamer by Jaylen LaGrande (Paperback Book)
  • Jaylen LaGrande Enterprises Book Here Comes The Dreamer by Jaylen LaGrande (Paperback Book)

Here Comes The Dreamer by Jaylen LaGrande (Paperback Book)


In the bible, Joseph's brothers ridiculed him by calling him "the dreamer." But I say being a dreamer is a great thing because he believed in the visions that were sent to him by God. He honored the dreams even when his brothers plotted to kill him, and he was forced to serve time in prison. He knew in his heart, without a doubt, that God was leading him to fulfill his destiny.

Despite the turmoil in today's world, we are experiencing an awakening, and God has big plans for us. The dreamers of the world are rising, fully prepared to bring solutions that will shift paradigms and change history. Throughout these pages, the nuances of being a dreamer are unpacked - championing fear and self doubt, bouncing back from relational disappoints, trusting what god showed you even when your environment looks contrary. Just like the story Joseph, one thing is true: when we see a dreamer coming, we know something colossal is about to take place.

Here comes the dreamer....

Stanley S.
Shayla G.
This was an on time book in my life!! I love the tone of the book that Jaylen writes in. It feels as though he’s sitting down connecting with me. The book is to the point & I was able to finish very fast! Joseph is my fav story in the bible as well. In addition, I too love fashion. This book is helping me re-emerge my self confidence & pushing me to keep striving towards entrepreneurship. I appreciate the writers transparency & truly believe 3:16 Collection is a lifestyle. I’m looking forward to everything Jaylen is creating & sharing via his God-given gifts. Definitely recommend this book! I’m debating keeping for myself for a re-read when I need an inspiration boost or gifting away.. it’s seriously that good!
Kristen T.
It was truly a inspirational book
Sandria J.
Karri D.
I’m so excited that he autographed my book for me! I️ can’t wait to read it!
Polly M.
I love the packaging and the message.