• 3:16 Collection T-Shirt 3:16 - Believe Sleeve Tee - Olive
  • 3:16 Collection T-Shirt 3:16 - Believe Sleeve Tee - Olive

3:16 - Believe Sleeve Tee - Olive



Baseball style tee with fashion seam down the front, BELIEVE on the sleeves and long body split style. High quality soft fabric provides all-day comfort.

Darlene D.
Yolanda B.
The quality is exceptional!! Loving the feel!❤
Alejandro O.
The materials and the quality are absolutely phenomenal. Great fit for me. I struggle finding clothes especially shirts. This is A great shirt with awesome detailing. Thank you Jesus is Lord
Meme S.
Great quality
Tiffany B.
I love the color, style and fit!
Walter L.
Love the quality of the clothing and everything always fits perfectly.
Josivini T.
awesome T-shirt’s and message of God.
Matthew P.
I believe in god
Nicolas A.
Amazing quality!!
Suzy P.
I like the way it fits with my army green Nike and white jeans got a whole lot of Compliments
Marques B.
Nicholas M.
ivan v.
best tees made ...i have all the belive tees ...
Jimmie H.
I'm a true all your items
Steve V.
This is my 3rd Believe shirt I got this one in a large to hug the muscle more. The material of this is top notch and I love that wearing these clothes open opportunity to share the Gospel. #BELIEVE collection gets 10 out of 10 from me .
Michael J.
I love fashion and jesus. Going out on the range was a blast! Much compliments! Love the 3:16 collection!
Chris F.
Wonderful fit!!!
Jamie A.
I would love to see products in stock with a larger quantity in size.
Ugo D.
Great fabric and design
Ugo D.
Great fabric and design
Tina A.
I received both my orders hat and tee. The material feels so good and I can't wait to encourager the world with an inspiring message from God. All I can say is: To God Be The Glory. Thank you
Sway L.
Please make some 316 bags: Book bags, fanny packs etc.
Lydia W.
Loving this Green, Amen , all Glory goes to GOD, and thank you 316COLLECTION
Lynda N.
Blessings My Brother I purchased two psalms 23 shirts and a cap. I Love the fabric but when are you gonna get some 5x in the Believe and Salvation shirts. Many times we are overlooked because of our size but we love to buy things also. I understand that they cost more but I truly believe they will sell.Even larger size jackets. Just A Thought.