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Greatness T-Shirt (Gold)



Psalm 71:21 says - He will increase our greatness and bring us comfort on every side. This tee serves dual purpose as a profession of our greatness and a reminder of where our greatness comes from. 

Featuring our signature greatness logo across the front chest and scripture reference on the bottom left of the tee. 

Julia B.
Was a gift and we absolutely love it
Angelica N.
Wearing the word of God is awesome, the shirt is well made!
Caitlin B.
I love all my clothes and I appreciate what your business stands for. God bless.
I love the material and the feel of the product
April E.
When you have many errands to do and things to accomplish for the day so you put on your full armor and conquer the day, the week, the moment. #Greatness #Psalm71:21 “In thee O Lord do I put my trust: let me never be put to confusion” “Thou shalt increase my greatness, and comfort me on every side.” #Greatness
Raelynn D.
Great experience!!
Regina J.
Beautiful and very quality t-shirt.
Larry G.
Great fit! I love the quality of the shirt.
LeeAnn B.
One of my new favs!
Tracy J.
Brothers, Joseph and Urian We Love our tees, Great Quality! We also have the bombers, pics coming soon. Blessings....
Toriano M.
Excellent quality Shirt
Toriano M.
Excellent quality T-Shirt!!!!
Chester B.
Amazing shirt! Love it!
Shalanda C.
My son absolutely loves everything! I bought him about 7 items! He loved them all! The quality is great!
Tamika I.
Great quality... loved it!!!
Oliver S.
I love this shirt
Latoya J.
It was gifted to our pastor so I don’t want to share a picture without his permission but he loved it!!
Amber C.
I love this shirt! I actually gave a message about Greatness! And to actually get to wear a “Greatness” T-shirt is wonderful! #NoShortcutsToGreatness
Markele G.
I love the shirt truly amazing bless the lord
Corey B.
Love this shirt!
Steven H.
Satisfied customer here love it
Mary Elaine V.
Awesome Shirt! Quite the attention grabber!
Bavarly A.
OMG! I love this tshirt!!!! Fits perfect and has a Great message
Armando F.
Nice color and fits perfect
Carla J.
I bought this for my Boyfriend who is very handsome. Well, seeing him in this was astonishing how a guy as handsome as him could look even more handsome. Great color and even Greater spreading The Gospel.
Larry B.
I’m so happy that there is clothing line that is modern and Christ centric, such a need in our day! Thank you for allowing the world to see!!
Audrey H.
This was a birthday gift that my son loved.
Len F.
Just as it is written, “Let he who boasts, boast in the Lord”. -1Corinthians 1:31 This shirt, like many others at 3:16 collection, allows me the privilege to Share the Gospel before mouths have the chance to speak. So many have yet to discover how great they can be with God as their guide. Amazing quality shirt, with and even greater truth behind its message.
Yves G.
Nothing amazes me the most when I wear something that many people intriguing about .
sherry t.
This is a gift for my Son, he loves all the inspirational shirts you have, so I am sure he will love it!
Melva R.
I mistakenly selected a small T-shirt and I contacted the customer service rep and they were able to change the size. I really appreciated the help!