Psalm 23 Bomber Jacket - PLATINUM



The Lord is your Shepherd. He watches over your steps, paves the way forward, and protects you from behind. He has called you and chosen you for such a time as this. ... He wants to provide for you - and provide the way for you to grow, prosper, and prosper others through you. 

God is calling you to carry His presence with love and power - encourage yourself, declare your faith and share His power with this High End Black Label Collection - A Psalm 23 Premium All Over Print Bomber Jacket. 


  • A fully custom-created 100% polyester jacket: Uniquely made, soft, and beautiful from every angle. 
  • Silver color palette
  • Silver lining: We lined the jacket with something that would express God's beauty and excellence. 
  • Custom 3:16 zipper, 3:16 hem tag, and black label: Remember that He loves you, loves the world, and wants you to share that.
Lacey H.
I get so many compliments on this Jacket. It's so nice and the quality is awesome.
Tekora P.
This was the absolute best online purchase I've ever gotten ❤ I love the material went very well with my silver toe AJ1 lows.
Bertha W.
I love my jacket and the size is right!!
Wanda B.
Gave the jacket as a gift to my husband and he loved. He wore to church on Sunday. He was given quite a few compliments in reference to the jacket. I am totally pleased and happy with the purchase. Thank you.
Andrea P.
Beautiful jacket is nice to wear the word of God,bless all who read it ❤️
Lurlene J.
I love it this platinum bomber jacket is more than words it's life saving. The words written on this jacket is true the LORD IS MY SHEPHERD.
Melissa E.
I have the army green color and my best friends loved it. So, I brought her the platinum jacket for her birthday. She will love it!
shane y.
Bought for my wife and she absolutely loves it!!
Charie B.
Makes a statement about my life and Super cute!
Brandi O.
I LOVE THIS BOMBER JACKET! I accidentally chose the wrong size when I ordered but they allowed me to exchange it for the correct size with no issue! I will be ordering from this company again soon
Helen J.
I love my jacket. Its one of a kind in the community I travel and it draws alot of attention from the wording. I'm so proud to wear it as well as it speaks of my belief. Thank you for the timely delivery as well.
Phillip S.
I’m so happy I found this site godbless you keep up the good work ‍♂️
Jocelyn E.
Love the fit and style!!! I love the Lord so it is perfect for me!! Excellent choice!!
Talayia H.
Love my jacket !! I get compliments everywhere I go
Allyson M.
I absolutely love this jacket! My first time wearing it out people was staring. The workers in the stores loved it. I even had people to ask how can they purchase one.
Lateacha I.
Beautiful and comfortable jacket. True to size and great sleeve length for long arms. Fast shipping. This is my fourth purchase from 316collection & I’m very pleased.
Janimel S.
Oh how I LOVE this jacket haven't worn it yet well made
Sandra J.
Love the jacket. Got plenty of compliments
Denisr M.
When I first seen this jacket I knew I had to have it with the matching T-shirt, And I cant wait to wear it to church. May God bless you all. Stay encouraged
Debra T.
It’s a great witness tool as my Lawyer and his Secretary were loving it and started us talking about the scripture!
Pavone T.
Great quality jacket. I love it
Rosette N.
The 3:16 collection something only God could put in the mind of man. I have always wanted this jacket but was deterred by overseas shipping but it was outstandingly delivered to the UK. It was promptly sent via Fed Ex. I love my jacket as it fits beautifully it looks beautiful, I feel beautiful. I praise the Lord. Hallelujah!!!
Marquaveon C.
I really love my jacket, I’m going to play it when I go out of town
Stacey I.
Love it. good quality great purchase I just wish I bought a medium instead of a large. I'm 5"7 168 lbs and i feel like if I got a medium it would've fit slightly smaller but I would definitely buy another one.
Love it and it came quickly
Dwayne A.
My sister loved the jacket for her birthday gift. I could have gotten a smaller size. I’m looking for a jacket for me next! Keep up the great work!
Erica R.
Cathlene J.
The jacket is awesome I love the fabric and how it feels on my skin. I wore it for the first time Saturday March 27th all I’m going to say is all eyes were on me.
Carolyn B.
Could keep it too big waiting to next month when your When you get the bomb back in stock but loved it I’m actually going to buy one for my Bishop Thanks for Sharing the gospel a Christ I love it God bless
Nikki H.
Love love love this jacket! It is stylish amd can be dressed up or dressed down
Carolyn B.
I liked but when Brought it was too big and you guys did have my size but i get one next month when you get them back in stock
Ann A.
Love the entire meaning of this clothing line and the quality is excellent!!
Shannon H.
The jacket looks exactly like the picture and material great! Will purchase again and highly recommend for friends and family! PERIODT.
Crystal L.
Love it! Perfect fit! Perfect look!
Michele J.
Everyone loves my jacket! I received so many compliments! The jacket went perfectly with my “Silver Toe” AF 1s
Michelle J.
This is a Gorgeous Jacket!! Wonderful quality and it fits true to size. And the shirt is wonderful as well. The material is stretchy, so it gives you a slight snug feel. I will be ordering some more apparel from them, because the Customer Service is Excellent!! My only hope is that they make the jacket in black and white....that would be wonderful. Displaying my Faith looks and feels soo good.☺
Eric D.
Jacket is dope. Plan on wearing it for Easter. Definitely will shop again.
Precious J.
I originally ordered a medium in rose gold, but it was too large for me. I was going to send it back but I ended up letting my mom try it on...and we'll she wears it everyday, and she never wears things I buy her. So I decided to let her keep it and order one in platinum. I love it. I'm 5ft 5in and about 155lbs. The arms are long enough and it's really cute. I may get the purple one. also shipping is fast.
Nyeema R.
My very FIRST jacket from 3:16!!!! This is the jacket where my mentee immediately fell in love with this collection and my jacket, and wanted one for himself ❤️ It’s so warm and very true to size! I love this platinum on me.
Gregory J.
The jacket is absolutely amazing. I love it and it fits so well. I’m about to order 10 more.
Stephanie A.
super high quality. super jazzy. love the colors. just love it.
Lynell F.
I love my Psalm 23 jacket this is one of my favorite scriptures I proclaim daily. I love sharing my faith with the wold. This jacket is well made and it feels great I am about to place another order for either black or rose gold. Be a billboard for Jesus get one for you and someone else! Psalms‬ ‭23:1‬ ‭TPT “Yahweh is my best friend and my shepherd. I always have more than enough.” ‭‭‬‬May the Lord bless you!
Demeka S.
I really enjoy my jacket. I really enjoy my jacket.
Tisch J.
This jacket is beautiful. The design, the make of it is all well crafted.
Ronnie B.
Jaymie P.
I have so many compliments walking in God’s word, thank you guys
Ronay B.
Love it!
Deshawn E.
Love this jacket. Especially, the message beautifully worn.
Apparel that guards your flesh and witness to others. Love my jacket
Elonia J.
I bought myself and daughter-in-law this jacket. It looks amazing. I haven’t worn it yet but my daughter-in-law wore it to work and received so many compliments!
Cheri P.
I am so glad that I came across this ad! I absolutely love this good quality “fly” bomber jacket. Wore it to a Women’s Conference and it was perfect Lots of compliments. I was also pleased with the quick delivery. I am in Hawaii and it was here in less than a week! I would definitely continue to order from this co.! ❤️ Fellow Kingdom Builder
Patricia C.
This is a lovely jacket. The writing is clear, fabric is super soft and I like the oversized look.
Ceola H.
The Lord Is My Shepherd..... *just missed an 8 car pile up on the freeway. But I had on this jacket
Amber G.
This jacket is . It represents one of the first full chapters of the Bible that I learned as a kid, but truly represents the relationship I have with God now as an adult. My own kid loves this jacket and I’ve gotten lots of compliments. I’m truly blessed to be able to wear some swag for Jesus and not be afraid to tell the world how awesome God is!
D R.
❤️ praise God ! Walking in it . Wearing God’s word His Platinum promises. Walking around shining ! Reminding every believer “Head up” ‘!
Edward R.
When You Have Woman Of GOD you have to drape her with the Good Lords Words
Michelle W.
The jacket is very stylish and comfortable.
Regina J.
Beautiful jacket...I have 2 of them now and will be getting more.
Regina J.
I love my boomer jacket!!! Always get lots of compliments when I wear it. Beautiful!!!
Salise C.
LOVE my jacket!!!
iashia m.
i love the jacket
Malesa G.
I wear a size 12-14 and purchased the silver Psalms 23 bomber jacket in size XL. It's a great fit and very fashionable. I love it! I have the black in XL and it's a bit larger and longer with more of a unisex fit. Either way, I love them both!
Meyon T.
I ordered this jacket as a Christmas gift for my sister. She absolutely loved the quality, fit, and color. My next order will be for myself and my son!! Love it!! ❤️❤️
Lanette H.
This jacket is great. Great quality, fits perfect. Another great way to spread the God's Word!
Malik G.
I love my 3 jackets from you guys. I’ll be ordering more for my daughter as well
Paris H.
It is roomy,but not too big. It is also thick enough to keep you warm,but you won't over heat. It is very good quality and i've gotten a lot of compliments. People even ask what it says. It's a great way to spread God's word!
Tiraya g.
Love love this jacket!! I already have the rose color and purple. I got this one for my mom for her 75th Birthday.
Michele K.
I love my jacket! Fits perfectly and I get lots of complements. Plus everyone wants to read it.
Marilyn M.
Awesome even my friend purchased one as well! I will wear it proudly and witness to others!
I absolutely love these bombers. I always get so many compliments when I wear them. I have the platinum and rose gold bombers in medium.
Nonnie B.
The fit was perfect . My husband and I wore matching Mal and female jackets. We received so many compliments.
Tamika H.
Love it, but the silver fits smaller than the other colors.
Tamika H.
Of all three colors I have purchased, the size is smaller than the others, but I still love it a lot.
Donna C.
Love the quality of the material!
Kellyse G.
I love the jacket food quality love the message in the jacket and it’s very stylish ❤️❤️❤️
Michelle P.
I absolutely LOVe This jacket! I have it in pink and army green as well!!
Tremell Y.
Bought this one for my wife and she loves it!! This company does it right, and they’ll be around for a long time!
Hazel H.
I love it got it for my son for Christmas can’t wait till he sees it he’s going to be so happy
Sonia J.
Love the jacket. I need to get it in the rose gold.
Berlinsia G.
I love my jacket!
Tiffany K.
I thoroughly enjoy the message of the jacket but was disappointed with quality once I opened the package and felt the jacket. I was expecting higher quality in terms of what I paid for it. It’s very thin and flimsy and I don’t think the price tag matches the product. I have cheaper bomber jackets that are thicker and better quality than this one. It makes me reluctant to order anything else from the brand. But apart from that, it’s a pretty jacket.
Yasmin E.
Birthday gift to myself. I went to pick my bomber jacket up at the Dallas warehouse. It was packaged beautifully in a branded bag with tissue paper. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me as a customer. I’m in love with my jacket.
My niece loves her jacket! Thank you for creating this product line!
Judy G.
Gorgeous!! I have 4 of these Psalm 23 jackets and I love them all!
Dorothy M.
Love this jacket and so do many others when I wear it! The quality is phenomenal, fits great, and looks super dope. Lots wanted to know where I got it!
Arabella B.
Ashley W.
It was a gift and they loved it
Jeremy M.
Purchased this as a gift. The quality is amazing and was well above my expectations.
Lydia W.
Wearing the Truth is undebateble. I love it!
Shana J.
Beautiful, nice quality and we need more clothing representing God , keep making beautiful clothing
Valerie G.
Praise the Lord!!!!!
Valerie G.
I love my Pslams 23 jacket. This is such a wonderful company , the staff is amazing.
Nicole L.
Excellent quality, ordered a size up for a casual, comfy and loose (rather than snug) fit that should last for a very long time!
David S.
Clothes have definitely started conversations among onlookers
Ashley D.
This jacket is amazing, runs true to size, and a great way to start a conversation about Jesus and to spread the gospel.
Brianne M.
I absolutely love my Jacket!!! It is a little big, but I love it!!! Thank you!
Tyler a.
Christopher C.
Your company is so well organized and keep you posted of the ordering status. The quality of service that I received was excellent.