• 3:16 Collection Apparel Salvation Vertical Block Swoop Tee - Black and Red
  • 3:16 Collection Apparel Salvation Vertical Block Swoop Tee - Black and Red

Salvation Vertical Block Swoop Tee - Black and Red (Long Body)


We live in a society that overcomplicates everything. We are surrounded by scholars who forge complex details for even the simplest things. Jesus said “If you confess with your mouth, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, we are saved.

SALVATION is simple yet so profound, all we have to do is CONFESS with our lips and BELIEVE in our hearts. SALVATION is literally the core of our existence as believers. We created this tee with simplicity in mind, no need to overcomplicate the gospel, SALVATION speaks for itself and the cross is the symbol of our profession that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and was resurrected for our rebirth.

This premium split color swoop tee takes quality to new heights. Featuring our signature Salvation logo and our signature 95% cotton 5% spandex blend.


Johnny P.
Love the material and it’s perfect fit
We love our shirts
We love the quality of shirts. We also appreciate the fast service we received. We order the shirts on a Saturday and received them Wednesday or Thursday.
Wayne T.
Get shirt, fits well. Many compliments
Bernard B.
Good product, prompt customer service reponse.
Bernard B.
Very satisfied with my purchase. Good customer service as well.(Tatyana)
Betty H.
Gathering with my Church Family for our first outing since the Covid 19 outbreak! Unable to have our annual summer Baptism at Riiss Beach,NY so an opportunity to evangelize and witness to Salvation and the transformative powers of Jesus Christ.
Antonio D.
Fits well. Looks good. Met my expectations
Sametria W.
Great quality and fits great! Love the 316 collection
Eric J.
I absolutely love this shirt and the message.
Stephon H.
A wonderful witnessing tool! My daughter wants one! Very stylish too!
Camisha M.
The BEST CUSTOMER service ever. I had to exchange a shirt they was prompt in sending the new one. My son was so happy and he wants me to order the other colors. We will be ordering again soon. Thank you thank you
Tracy R.
I Love that it is a Black-Owned Christian Clothing Brands. I love the color and the material. I will be purchasing more apparel
Todd C.
Very good quality shirt
Ryan S.
It fit me perfectly and looks amazing. Even the fit around my arms was nice and snug. I definitely will be buying more merch from you guys.
James R.
I love everyone of them! the fit is perfect as well.
James A.
I really, really wanted this t-shirt, but I'm not happy with it. Probably my fault. It's way too tight for a t-shirt. IF I was a muscle guy and not a fat guy, I guess it would be fine. I ordered 3x and usually wear 2x this shirt fits like a XL. Too unless I loose some weight it's just going to sit on the rack. One could only dream. I ordered another tee from you guys "No Weapon - God's Got My Back" and that one fit and looked great, but this one is different. But hey guys/gals, thank you for a great looking product. The packaging was outstanding and quality is professional looking.
Amy G.
Walter P.
I love the shirt
Derrin B.
My husband love his present!!
Patricia H.
I love ur business just awesome God good all time . May God continue too bless u too spread the word on ur design tee shirts
Gregory C.
I'm an author and I host an on-air broadcast twice a week. The broadcast is spiritually based and many of my guests are ministers, like me. I engage in discussions about my book as a way of offering hope and building community. On this particular evening, my guest was my pastor, and I wanted to wear something casual that made a bold statement.
Aisha T.
Fast delivery. Very comfortable fabric and nicely designed!
Joseph W.
Great fit! Love the style, will bee buying more soon!
Derrick W.
Great shirt!
Sharhonda G.
Great experience each time I've ordered
Eddie Z.
Love this shirt, praise God for the vision. Will continue to support this company ❤️❤️
Wynne B.
I love 3:16 Gear
Nathan A.
Awesome product, fit perfectly and shipping was fast
Kayla C.
Great quality shirt & a great way to impact souls !
Wesley P.
The presentation of the product (I love the way my t shirt was packaged) and the delivery time was excellent! This was my very first time ordering from this great company and I will definitely order other items - great, great customer service!
Aaron D.
Second order and well pleased with each. Order and friends are always asking where did get that shirt from I really like . It’s just another way of letting our light shine.
Jeffrey K.
I absolutely love the material; however, the fit wasn't what I expected. I usually wear an XL; however, I believe in this case I need a 2XL. The colors are vibrant and the price point is exceptional because of the unique flair. Well done. I will order the replacements in 2XL now. Thanks again for your hard work. Keep the faith!
Eddie j.
Love love love the quality of this shirt!
Tavious J.
I love the salvation Shirts.
Pastor C. R. S.
Shout out to 3:16 Collections, for excellent customer service, a spirit of excellent, and clothing that share the message of the savior. Jesus the Christ!! Check them OUT!! I have purchased several items and they all have exceeded my expectations. Two of the Salvation shirts, two chains with pendents, and two jackets. And I’m not done yet!!
P Z.
Love the look. Will order one if shipping doesn’t take forever to get time.
Marc I.
I need you all to make bigger sizes for the big guys. I was hoping the 2 shirts I ordered would fit but I need a 4XL or 5XL. Do you all have bigger sizes by special order. Please offer bigger sizes. I will not be able to wear my shirts they are too small.. SMH
Mary Elaine V.
Love the black/red combination! Great quality - nice looking shirt
Elijah W.
Awesome Awesome!!!! Loved the shirt, it fit amazing. This clothing line including others opens up doors for people to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Robert L.
I love it. The fit is comfortable and it looks nice too!
Melvin G.
The red and black combination looks sharp and received compliments. It was first worn during a live stream event for Sunday school. Hopefully it will get people inspired to look you up!
Lizet V.
Texture/Material feel amazing size fits perfect
Larry B.
Absolutely love this shirt, I’m so glad that I found out about this company. Spreading the good news :)
Justin P.
I love the shirt however I’m the size a purchased didn’t fit me. It was more of a fitted tee shirt and not a regular t-shirt as I thought. However the short itself is awesome. Wish I could wear it!
Leslie D.
Love the material
John H.
Love the fabric. I'm an athletic build guy so I'm very sensitive about wearing certain fabrics other than t-shirts but this felt really good and it stretched without losing it's character and length. I could still look confident in the XL vs looking like I bought a shirt for a teenager lol. I don't have a good photo to upload yet because I haven't worn it outside my closet yet. But when I upload it, I will tag the 3:16 crew on IG. Can you make me one in Purple and gold.... I mean I see one for the Kappas, Sigma brothers and Alphas. I'm a man of Omega Psi Phi and I graduated from Alcorn State University. I'm the last man standing. SET US OWT Just make sense right? lol
Jennifer V.
We love this tee n brand
Yves G.
Thank you, and perfect message for a broken soul.
Richard K.
Beautiful shirt! Can’t wait to wear it... and to spread the Word... Great mission effort!
terry b.
Love this shirt. Material feels great. Looks good on my physique. Will definitely be buying another color.
Moises G.
The shirt is awesome i wore it when it got here and it awesome and comfortable❤️
Chris F.
Wonderful Experience! Shirt fit perfectly!!
Levi R.
Powerful quality so I ordered the jump suit
Scott W.
This is by far my favourite shirt so far. The quality of all 3:16 products is amazing and the service is incredible, especially given I am an overseas buyer. Thank you so much!! God bless
James M.
Fast delivery and very hospitable staff. Packaging is very professional and clothes are quality.
Julio t.
It has become one of my favorite ways to show the world that I am a Christian