• 3:16 Collection Apparel Salvation Vertical Block Swoop Tee - Black and Red
  • 3:16 Collection Apparel Salvation Vertical Block Swoop Tee - Black and Red

Salvation Vertical Block Swoop Tee - Black and Red (Long Body)


We live in a society that overcomplicates everything. We are surrounded by scholars who forge complex details for even the simplest things. Jesus said “If you confess with your mouth, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, we are saved.

SALVATION is simple yet so profound, all we have to do is CONFESS with our lips and BELIEVE in our hearts. SALVATION is literally the core of our existence as believers. We created this tee with simplicity in mind, no need to overcomplicate the gospel, SALVATION speaks for itself and the cross is the symbol of our profession that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and was resurrected for our rebirth.

This premium split color swoop tee takes quality to new heights. Featuring our signature Salvation logo and our signature 95% cotton 5% spandex blend.


Mary Elaine V.
Love the black/red combination! Great quality - nice looking shirt
Elijah W.
Awesome Awesome!!!! Loved the shirt, it fit amazing. This clothing line including others opens up doors for people to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Robert L.
I love it. The fit is comfortable and it looks nice too!
Melvin G.
The red and black combination looks sharp and received compliments. It was first worn during a live stream event for Sunday school. Hopefully it will get people inspired to look you up!
Lizet V.
Texture/Material feel amazing size fits perfect
Larry B.
Absolutely love this shirt, I’m so glad that I found out about this company. Spreading the good news :)
Justin P.
I love the shirt however I’m the size a purchased didn’t fit me. It was more of a fitted tee shirt and not a regular t-shirt as I thought. However the short itself is awesome. Wish I could wear it!
Leslie D.
Love the material
John H.
Love the fabric. I'm an athletic build guy so I'm very sensitive about wearing certain fabrics other than t-shirts but this felt really good and it stretched without losing it's character and length. I could still look confident in the XL vs looking like I bought a shirt for a teenager lol. I don't have a good photo to upload yet because I haven't worn it outside my closet yet. But when I upload it, I will tag the 3:16 crew on IG. Can you make me one in Purple and gold.... I mean I see one for the Kappas, Sigma brothers and Alphas. I'm a man of Omega Psi Phi and I graduated from Alcorn State University. I'm the last man standing. SET US OWT Just make sense right? lol
Jennifer V.
We love this tee n brand
Yves G.
Thank you, and perfect message for a broken soul.
Richard K.
Beautiful shirt! Can’t wait to wear it... and to spread the Word... Great mission effort!
terry b.
Love this shirt. Material feels great. Looks good on my physique. Will definitely be buying another color.
Moises G.
The shirt is awesome i wore it when it got here and it awesome and comfortable❤️
Chris F.
Wonderful Experience! Shirt fit perfectly!!
Levi R.
Powerful quality so I ordered the jump suit
Scott W.
This is by far my favourite shirt so far. The quality of all 3:16 products is amazing and the service is incredible, especially given I am an overseas buyer. Thank you so much!! God bless
James M.
Fast delivery and very hospitable staff. Packaging is very professional and clothes are quality.
Julio t.
It has become one of my favorite ways to show the world that I am a Christian