• 3:16 Collection Apparel Salvation Vertical Block Swoop Tee - Royal and White
  • 3:16 Collection Apparel Salvation Vertical Block Swoop Tee - Royal and White

Salvation Vertical Block Swoop Tee - Royal and White (Long Body)



We live in a society that overcomplicates everything. We are surrounded by scholars who forge complex details for even the simplest things. Jesus said “If you confess with your mouth, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, we are saved.

SALVATION is simple yet so profound, all we have to do is CONFESS with our lips and BELIEVE in our hearts. SALVATION is literally the core of our existence as believers. We created this tee with simplicity in mind, no need to overcomplicate the gospel, SALVATION speaks for itself and the cross is the symbol of our profession that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and was resurrected for our rebirth.

This premium split color swoop tee takes quality to new heights. Featuring our signature Salvation logo and our signature 95% cotton 5% spandex blend.


Charles H.
My son loves his salvation shirt! It also matches his Jordan’s. He loves going to school in style while proclaiming his faith!! This was a hit and we will be purchasing more apparel!
Brandi N.
My husband LOVES the shirt, the fit, the length and most of all the message of the shirt!!! He plans on ordering the other colors.
luis R.
I love being able to have clothes that can match my shoes and praise the lord at the same time.
Sylvia D.
This was a gift to my son! He loved it!
Nichols, S.
Great product and awesome customer service. There was a problem with my address, they called to let me know (fixed it) and shipped item quickly. Perfect
Rory C.
Love the shirt looking good around town . Getting a lot of compliments
BLas L.
I really loved the shirt I got a white one also!
Doretha D.
I have not worn this one yet, but will be wearing it soon.
Mike Y.
I love my shirt it feels great!!!
Noah F.
Good quality
Jaime A.
Customer service and the response was great I had made him ordered the wrong size and in no time I was able to return it and get the right size thanks once again have a blessed day.
Celena G.
My husband loves these shirts. They are so comfortable on him and look really nice. He has this shirt in 3 colors. We plan on getting more soon.
Aisha G.
My husband love his shirt. Great material and a great fit.
Ok, with one
Jorge G.
Great product and great message!!
Lakiesha H.
I loved the shirt and it’s material!
Kenon F.
Amazing fabric and it gets people attention
Barbara R.
Wasn’t sure he would like the style but he does and he rocks it!
Leandre F.
The best I have seen!
Diantay S.
I love this brand. My goal is to go nuts when I have the funds to do so. I am a mime minister and a krump dancer that base my movement on God . I’ve always love Christian apparel and you guys are my top favorite! Both of my salvation shirts are off the chain I had two people buy them from you guys website
Andre W.
Love it
Pastor Mike / Kingdom Builders I.
Vincent G.
Great material! Love this site, I will definitely be ordering from you all more often
Darren S.
The family loves the design and feel of the shirt. Thank you.
Denisr M.
This is a gift from me to my baby brother , I have not had the opportunity to give it to him yet, I cant wait until I do . God bless you.
Perry F.
Love this t-shirt and the whole 3:16 collection
Vernon J.
Shirts are dope and the material is great!
Emiley F.
I really love the shirt. However I accidently got the wrong size and now its too big. Is there a way for me to shrink it without ruining the print?
Thomas B.
I really enjoy the items I purchase from 3:16. Thank you for existing.
Kimberley B.
What great quality! I am about the place my third order! You guys are the best!
Odell D.
I love the message and the brand. I will definitely continue to shop here!!
Stanley F.
Great looking shirt. I love the quality and feel. Very satisfied!!!!
Reginald T.
The first time I order my red and black shirt love the way it fit the others were a little big but still was ok
Lori R.
I bought this for my son, this shirt is definitely worth the money. The softness and the vibrant color can't be beat in a t-shirt.
Gina Higgs H.
I just love the quality of the shirts here at 3:16. I have purchased 3 for myself and bought over 6 more for some friends. Oh and I love how you package your shirts in that personalized zip bag. Awesome! I will be buying more items soon. These will be my Christmas gifts this year.
Glen H.
Ordered a few items for fam n me. We couldn’t be happier! The quality of their clothes is amazing, love the material and everything fits amazing!!!! Glory to God this clothing has a purpose. Also, the customer service was the best I have ever dealt with!!!
Veronique H.
I absolutely love this shirt SOOO much!!!
Sheila S.
The quality is absolutely amazing. Nice material and the colors are gorgeous! Very impressive!
Karen W.
Our musicians at church wear this shirt. They style looks good on all size body frames.
Jovan D.
Love the quality of the shirt. It’s fantastic
Melinda J.
I really love the apparel and I think that it is great.
Kiraji M.
Definitely powerful
Jimmy V.
Can you let me know when the large size will be available I'm white and blue, please.
Yhatia C.
I love it!
virna c.
Great shirt ! Fits perfect very well made. My son wears it proudly
Alex P.
Great quality shirt form fitting. Love sharing the Gospel and this brand
Steven H.
Love the shirt may god continue to bless you.
Isamarie L.
I just love the shirt makes you feel powerful
Robert L.
I love it. The fit is comfortable and it looks nice too!
Kaila R.
Love the salvation top!
Rudy B.
Haven’t been able to where the merchandise yet. I’ll be wearing tomorrow. I’ll be sure to share and post
Smith, B.
Quality! Quality and fast shipping
Jesus C.
So glad I can wear this great quality shirt with the message of Christ to the world. Very thankful to be a part of this movement for the King of Kings!
Antwyne G.
I ordered shirt loved it. Great quality and great material
Derrick B.
Awesome fabric and came on time.
Trevor D H.
The style and comfort of the shirt was amazing.
Rashonda A.
Shirt was really nice however it didnt fit. Since my bf really liked it, I'm going to order another in a larger size. Cant return due to COVID 19.
Rodney C.
Levi R.
Powerful response
Kiraji M.
You guys never disappoint god bless you all ty so much for making a nice brand for us Christmas to wear I love you guys Jesus is lord all the Glory belongs to him thank you so much guys
Ronald J.
I loved it Thank you
leandrean b.
I purchased a shirt for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved it! We received it very quickly. He wanted a size bigger so I returned and received the correct size within 3 days! Great customer service and awesome apparel!
Reginald T.
Great shirt, love the color and fit
Kiraji M.
It was a blessing
Trevor H.
Quick delivery and great quality
Andrea b.
High quality. My son loves that he can wear his testimony.
Ronald T.
Shirt is good quality, I was impressed by the packaging, and the shipping was quick. Thumps up all around the board.
Anthony S.
Love this tee scoop style only
John H.
Love the fabric. I'm an athletic build guy so I'm very sensitive about wearing certain fabrics other than t-shirts but this felt really good and it stretched without losing it's character and length. I could still look confident in the XL vs looking like I bought a shirt for a teenager lol.
Danielle H.
I ordered a shirt for my cousin for Christmas, as he has the Psalm 23 one already and said he would love to have the blue and white salvation shirt. It took a little longer than expected, but it’s understandable due to it being Christmas time. It’s also a little pricey in my opinion, but I’d rather give the money to a company with morals and values. You’re doing an awesome thing for the glory of God.
Maximos M.
I'm a Greek Orthodox Christian
Judy H.
I got it for my daughter she wanted it for Christmas. She is going through recovery of a drug program and she wanted it.
Yolonda D.
I bought the shirt for my 14 year old son, and he wore it to school on out of uniform day. He came home and asked mom where did you get my shirt my friends at school loved it and wanted to get one. I gave him the web site and he has shared it with his buddies. The baby blue and white looks beautiful on him. He wants the black and red one, but we will have to wait until it fits my budget but I plan on getting him one as soon as I can. Thanks
Karen W.
These are perfect for men or women. I did not take a photo with it on but next time I wear it, I will. I received many compliments and inquires. I am 5’2” female so it was long but I could tuck it, or belt and gather it at the hips. Very versatile, with jeans or skirt. Very pleased
Daniel D.
Loved the shirt, the fit, the material and the delivery packaging. All dope, all God.
Ehbert T.
The quality of this shirt is pretty amazing. This is the second shirt out of two shirts that I purchased for a recent video that I did and loved the colors and quality. Great job guys.
kellie steele c.
I bought this as a gift for my Apostle Bryan Andrew Wilson of Freedom Ministries Atlanta Georgia we both Love the look as well as the message and scripture passage.